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Pedestrian & Bicycles Auto Accident

Our personal injury lawyers have experience investigating and trying cases involving pedestrians and bicyclists hit by a car or tractor-trailer.  The injured pedestrian or bicycle rider will have suffered the greatest trauma or death, leaving the family to deal with the consequences.

If someone you love was injured when struck while walking or on a bicycle, they may be suffering from a lasting brain injury, paralysis or paraplegia, or worse. You need the advice of expert attorneys who have represented hundreds of families in your situation. Our lawyers can investigate your pedestrian accident or bicycle accident and help you understand what really occurred and who was responsible. Bring your questions to the Hershewe Law Firm, P.C. Our personal injury attorneys will explain your rights to you and advise you and your family through the confusing process of putting the pieces back together.


Negligent Driver

Attorney: Lauren Peterson


Attorney: Ashley Norman

Permanent Injury

Attorney: Michelle O'Neal

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