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What is Professional Malpractice?

Professional Malpractice occurs when you seek the advice and/or representation of a professional and that professional causes you harm by his negligence. Professional Malpractice can include mistakes by any type of professional. When a doctor or healthcare provider commits malpractice, it is called medical malpractice. When a lawyer or paralegal commits malpractice, it is called legal malpractice. Other professionals can commit malpractice, as well, such as dentists, accountants, pastors, psychologists or counselors, and pharmacists.

If you have been harmed physically or financially as a result of professional malpractice, you may have a legal right to sue the professional for your damages. Call the professional malpractice attorneys at The Hershewe Law Firm at 417-999-9999 or contact us find out if you have a case.

Types of Malpractice Cases



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