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Premises Liability Personal Injury

“Premises Liability” happens when the owner of a piece of property fails to make that property safe for people who are invited onto that property. When someone is injured because the property is dangerous, the landowner or person with control of the property can be responsible.

The injury may occur on a hotel or other business’s property, in a neighbor’s house, on a public sidewalk or in a public park, or in a common area of your apartment complex. Whether the landowner or another person is responsible will depend on whether the law classifies you as an invitee, a trespasser, or licensee. It will also depend on whether the dangerous condition was a natural or man-made condition, if it was open and obvious to the general public, along with a host of other factors. Swimming pools and trampolines are common causes of injury at someone else’s house.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, please call and make an appointment with our attorneys today. The Hershewe Law Firm has lawyers experienced in premises liability cases who will be able to break down the facts of your case for you and advise you on whether or not you should proceed with a lawsuit.

I think I have a Personal Injury case. What do I do next?

First, seek medical care. After any type of accident, or if you are experiencing irregular physical symptoms after taking medication, or if you are experiencing symptoms related to toxic exposure, call 911 for an emergency or schedule an appointment with your family doctor for a check-up. Provide your doctor with details about the accident, medication, or exposure, so that she may better assess your symptoms.

Second, make sure you preserve all the evidence. Keep any and all paperwork related to your injury. Keep any letters sent to you by insurance companies and keep a copy of any letter or notice you send to a business advising them of your injury. If possible, keep any packaging, inserts, and parts of any dangerous product or contaminated food.  Keep all medication bottles and remaining medication. Take pictures of the accident scene or any item involved in the accident. Get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses, and get a statement of what they saw if you are able.

Third, make an appointment with a personal injury attorney. The time limits to bring some of these claims can be as short as ninety days from the injury. Do not delay in getting legal advice for your personal injury lawsuit because you may be waiving your right to recover anything for your injuries by waiting. Call now: 417-999-9999

The Personal Injury lawyers at The Hershewe Law Firm offer a free consultation. At no cost to you, you can sit down with an attorney, explain the facts of your potential claim to them, and they will begin an initial investigation of your claim and explain your rights.

Our team of personal injury attorneys can help make sure that the necessary actions are taken to protect your rights, and we can give you the legal advice you need while on your path to recovery.  Our firm’s accident lawyers handle all types of personal injury and negligence cases, including automobile injuries, school injuries or injury on another person’s property, birth injuries to mother or baby, defective products or defective medication, manufacturing defects and design defects, medication errors or pharmacy errors, equipment malfunction, firework injury, aviation accidents or plane crash injury and wrongful death, railroad accidents and bus injuries, abuse and neglect of the elderly, assault and battery, dog attacks, slip and fall accidents, toxic or chemical exposure, as well as other general negligence.

If you have been injured and need the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer, call or contact The Hershewe Law Firm today at 417-999-9999 for your free consultation.


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